About me

Teacher in Special Education. Born in Buenos Aires. Make Thesis: Creativity as a way for Rehabilitation. With skills in the field of Fine Arts: Painting, Drawing, Illustration and Sculpture, studied Graphic Design, which later become the lead strategist in the area of ​​Corporate Communications. After 22 years providing services to transnational corporations such as Procter & Gamble, Statoil, Cemex, Philip Morris, General Motors, Kraft, General Motors, among others, the change in the country leading to surrender to the passion to create.

In the area of ​​graphic design she worked in Corporate Communicationns, Image and Identity and in the Development of Educational Programs and Social Identity.

Abstract Artist and Colorist
. Explore the blend color and texture creating high impact visual images. Shows interest in developing utilitarian art pieces that integrate well with the decor of architectural spaces.

Today dedicated to painting, Graphic Design and Jewelry Design in Metal and Gemstones. Represented by National Galleries as Arte Samán and Soho Art Gallery.

She has participated for 3 consecutive years in Event Hatillarte participating in group exhibitions at the Gallery of Visual Artist José Duque.
Participation in the "Free for art" group exhibition at the headquarters of the AVAP, Venezuelan Association of Artists.

Actually is preparing his exhibition to be presented in the new wing of Latin American Pavilion for Red Dot Art Fair during the Art Basel event.


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