Graphic Design

I'm a Graphic Designer, I have worked for over 22 years in the area of Corporate Communications. 

During all these years of work I have specialized in the conceptualization and development of graphic identity as in editorial design among others.

I have worked for major multinational companies, which not only gave me the opportunity to be a visual communicator, I've had the privilege to develop as an integral communicator, organizing press conferences, events, developing institutional campaigns, forming support groups for medical institutions as well as projects of social, educational and social responsibility, and public relations.

Christmas Card for Call Center Sra Robles for Latin America for P&G

Value Campaing for Statoil

Boletín Informantivo para Cementera Mexicana
Boletín Informativo Responsabilidad Social P&G

Folleto para el manejo de Crisis. HP

Desarrollo Identidad Gráfica

Folleto de Productos Kraft para toda América Latina

Cambio de Imagen

Catálogo de Productos Owens Illinois

Folleto Corporativo Suelopetrol

Folleto Cementos Lafarge

Logo LACE para Philip Morris

Logo Parque, Hombre Cacao, Parque Henry Pittier para Tabacalera Nacional y Fundación Tierra Viva

Formación del Grupo de Voluntariado de P&G y toda la identidad gráfica

Cambio de Imagen de Inelectra. Manual de Identidad

Tarjeta de Navidad Inelectra, nueva imagen

Identidad Gráfica de la Sra. Robles, Call Center para América Latina

Tarjeta de Navidad

Identidad Gráfica Profesional Independiente

Afiche caza talentos universitarios

Campaña de Valores

Brochure Informativo para prevenir el contrabando de cigarrillos

Banner para Sierto empresa de telecomunicaciones

Folleto Instructivo para cuidar instalaciones de P&G Sede Caracas

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