Sep 1, 2014

Art: also a matter of style?

Generally when we think of an artist who set the trend or any other current, we usually see that most have a style that define it. We see one of his works and immediately recognize the author.
I am a Visual Artist that seems I am separated a bit of the norm, I do not know if over time my style will be more defined. For now the color and what it produces in the viewer is what defines me. I often use many colors, bright colors, even sometimes I use entire color palette and the result is a work full of light, joy and many of the features that I have as a human being. I am very active woman, I like to explore, I get bored easily, so now I force them to be in a
I get bored easily so now as abstractc and colorist, only the color makes a difference.

"Dreaming" Acrylic on Canvas. 1mt x 1mt
"The color of passion" Acriylic on Canvas. Acrylic on Canvas. 80 x95 cm
"Dreaming about my city". Acrylic on Canvas. 1mt x 1mt

"Walking around the city" Acrylic on canvas. 80 x 95 cm

"In love" Acrylic on Canvas. 80 x 95 cm

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